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Our Top Five Items For The Holiday Season!

With November coming to its halfway point, it's time to start thinking about grabbing all the big items on your Holiday Shopping List. This time of year is always filled with the joy of festivities and a cup of hot cocoa to keep your body warm in the dreaded cold. No matter where you are in the world, the Holiday Season is the happiest time of year, and spending quality time with your friends and family makes it endlessly better! It's almost time to cut the turkey and enjoy the tremendous Christmas feast, but before that, we wanted to bring you a fantastic way to knock some items off your shopping haul. We here at Grafton Collection know the challenges of finding everything on your list, so we've compiled our very own compilation of the top five items we offer to get you prepped & ready for the holiday season! These five products are guaranteed to add exceptional taste and quality to your home while also bringing the purest of smiles to those who receive your stellar gift. Now, without further ado, here we go! Get ready for the best Christmas read of 2021. 


5. Transparent Crystal Wine Glass Set

Price: $35.00 - $45.00

Color Options: Gold Rim & Plain

There's no better way to start your Holiday Dinner than with a few drinks! Why not get yourself some of the most luxurious glassware sets available on the market? Our fantastic Transparent Wine Glass Set is made with nothing but the highest-quality material that is sure to bring you laughter & love this Winter. If you like the gorgeous Gold-Rimmed edition of these glasses, pick them up at no cost change! You can get the best of the best for a huge discount just by using the Grafton Collection. Your evenings won't be complete without these exceptional wine glasses and will enhance the atmosphere within seconds!


4. Cartoon Christmas Ceramic Dinnerware Set

Price: $10.00 - $20.00

Options: Dinner Plates, Bowls, Dessert Plates, and More! 

Having go-to dishware sets for your higher-end meals is the perfect way to win Christmas 2021! These excellent Cartoon Ceramic Dishes & Bowls will be your best friend the second you crack open your shipped package. The unique design of this dinnerware set adds an elegant touch of fun and adventure to your setting while also bringing in a quaint feeling of uniqueness. Having these different shapes and sizes all around the table will let people know this dinner is special! Give yourself a boost this Christmas. These dishes are sure to do the trick!


3. Gold-Plated Flatware Stainless Steel Christmas Cutlery Set

Price: $20.00

Color Options: Red & Green

Moving down this fun-filled holiday list, we look to add a touch of festive cheer & spirit to your home with this elegant Gold-Plated Flatware Set! The gorgeous and sleek design of these stainless steel utensils brings you nothing but the purest of Christmas vibes from the luxurious color schemes offered. Imagine cracking open your superb cutlery set, setting the beautifully decorated table with a gold-glowing spice added to the joy of the holidays. That sounds like the best way to spend my Christmas! If you're looking to add a fine-dining flatware set to your repertoire to add that unique spin to your fancy meals, this wondrous option is for you. 


2. Stainless Steel Christmas Drinking Straws

Price: $10.00 - $15.00

Color Options: Red & Green

When you know drinks are going to be a common occurrence with your peers, having a festive drinking straw available to them is key to making a wonderful experience! We've given you the ability to grab both Red & Green variations of the most Holiday-Oriented drinking straws on the market, and even better, their Stainless Steel! Not only are you having a sustainable Holiday, but you can also reuse these straws whenever you please, and boy, do they come in handy when you'd least expect it. These straws are a fantastic way to add some character to your holiday festivities and are easily maintained with the gifted wire cleaner we've added to your purchase! 


1. Steak Plate Serving Dish Christmas Dinnerware Set

Price: $20.00 (Individual Pcs) & $80.00 - $85.00 (Full Set)

Color Options: Red & Green

Here we are; the number one spot on this list has finally been revealed! Just by looking at the beauty of this dinnerware set, you can see that having these guys in your flatware repertoire will add a tremendous amount of character and taste to your holiday festivities. With bowls, plates, and mugs being thrown into the mix, rest assured every section of your holiday plans is covered with this lovely set of tableware. The adorable decals on each member of the set add a tranquil touch of love and joy to your setting and will instantly get everyone in the mood for a superb Christmas! Elevate your holiday with ease this year. We've got you covered. 


Wow! These five items have made me so excited to celebrate the holidays this year. The marvelous designs and Christmas spirit added into each and every item add a spectacular amount of cheer and love to your home. Radiating positivity around the most wonderful time of the year is something that everyone can enjoy and experience this Winter, so make sure you make that happen! We hope to see you join our lovely community this season, and we wish you nothing but the happiest & safest holiday of them all. 

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