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About Us


It's the 1950s, and our founder James Grafton has just made his way into Canada from the UK, looking for a new life for him and his young family of three. Coming from London, England, kitchen-related goods were James' wheelhouse, and selling them was a priority he thoroughly believed in. He took his entrepreneurial spirit and made way for UK goods throughout his neighborhood. With a small batch of unique kitchen utensils, James went door to door and sold his entire stock within three hours of roaming. 


After years of door-to-door sales and extending the geographical reach for customers, James and his family are ready to open their first establishment, the Grafton Collection. What all started as a simple thought became a reality, and the Grafton family name began to grow. Soon enough, James' UK wholesaling kitchen items would become a staple in the industry and saw huge growth within the coming years. 


With countless experiences, the Grafton Collection began to see the growth James had wanted. However, the kitchen utensil game began to get competitive with the beginning of loads of industrial production and companies able to produce these items for less. With that in mind, James began talks with producers concerning a larger variety of products. He knew the Grafton Collection had to adapt to the changes the game had seen and start entering new markets. The very first household line was released in April of 1973 and took off. The Grafton Collection grew to new heights, and the coming decades saw the company grow to fantastic levels.


Fast forward 30 years, the Grafton Collection has entered their newest 30,000 Square Foot Warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario. This sizable increase is accommodating the drastic growth the brand has seen in the past few decades. With the help of our fantastic team of staff, we've been able to become a household name in Canada, an industry leader, and a trusted wholesaler for countless retailers across North America. The Grafton Collection officially took the throne in the industry and claimed legendary status. 


Here we are today in 2021. What began as a neighborhood sales opportunity has grown to a global scale with millions in Canada considering us a household name. With the Grafton Collection staying in the family, most recently, the second generation of Grafton's have maintained excellent growth to introduce the third generation of Grafton family members into the business. Beginning an online presence with our in-person business plans, we look to grow even further in the coming years, alongside our amazing teams and the loving community of customers we call family. 

Thank You Everyone! 

We want to thank each and every individual or retailer who has joined our community as a gracious and loyal member. Without you, none of the expansion the Grafton Collection has seen would be possible. Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring every interaction we have is successful and satisfying so that anyone, anywhere can have a fantastic experience with us. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach us at: or 28010 Eucalyptus Ave Moreno Valley, CA 92555.