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Shower Curtain Hooks - Rust Resistant Shower Curtain Rings Metal Double Glide Rollers Shower Hooks for Bathroom Shower Curtain Rods Curtains

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Style: Style 1


  • Material: Metal
  • Number of Pieces:12
  • Finish type: Polished

About this item:

  • Use these shower curtain hooks to hang a shower curtain and a liner at the same time because of their double-sided construction. They are strong enough to support heavy curtains and liners with no problems because they are made of solid metal material.
  • Simple to use: Your shower curtain and liner may be hung or taken off with ease using these shower curtain rings. The installation only takes a few minutes, and the special construction will stop them from coming off.
  • slick sliding action Thanks to five unique roller balls on each hook, they glide smoothly and without resistance along the shower curtain pole. When pulling your shower curtain and liner open and closed, these shower curtain hooks can reduce snagging and tugging.