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Rug Pads Grippers- Non Slip Washable Grippers for Rug ,Vacuum Tech

Original price $14.99 - Original price $34.99
Original price
$14.99 - $34.99
Current price $14.99
Size: 4 Pack


  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: White

About this item:

  • Design element. This item is simple to glue under any rug. On the floor-facing side, there are microscopic suction pores. These pores make use of the vacuum tech feature, which causes air to leave whenever pressure is applied from the top, creating a low-pressure area inside the cups. Your rug is kept in place by the adhesive effect created by doing this. Not effective with rugs on carpeted floors.
  • Advantages. After installation, the rug anti-curling gripper is undetectable and less than 1/10 inch thick. Suction technology adheres tightly to the floor without leaving markings or inflicting damage, and the gripper rips off the surface with ease. It is easy to wash because you won't need to take it apart from your carpet to do so.