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Moonstone Orgone Pyramid for Anti-stress ,Calmness, Growth ,Strength

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About The Product:

  • Rainbow Moonstone: Harmony of the Emotions, Targeting your feminine side while relaxing your male side assists in balancing your sleep cycle, is good for illnesses like nosebleeds inner growth and power, hormonal and menstrual cycles, stabilizes feelings, brings serenity, Encourages motivation, success, and wealth in relationships and business.
  • A Stone That Is Ideal For Chakra Healing One crystal regarded as the best for meditation is the rainbow moonstone. This stone's vibrational frequencies can aid in a smooth transition into a more in-depth meditative state. This crystal helps to bring loving and pleasant energy from the afterlife into your body to support emotional well-being by opening the Crown chakra. This pyramid is excellent for increasing your imagination and sharpening your vision.